Here at Serenity Acres we are a small, family owned homestead. Born out of a desire to reconnect with nature and escape the realities of big city life. We wanted to reconnect with nature, to be more connected to a simpler way of life. Our key motivations are to reduce, reuse, recycle and whenever possible be all natural.

Our farm began in 2013 and started as what we believed to be a simple project, a few horses, few chickens and man’s best friend. What we could never expect were the addiction and passion that grew from these small beginnings. A few seasons and about seventy critters later, the homestead is on its way to becoming a self-sustaining venture.

We find that our Nigerian Dwarf goats are our passion. These gal’s give us their all, each and every season. They produce some of the best milk we have ever tasted.

There was only one problem, we were in goat milk up to our ears. What to do with all this excess and still be able to honor our ladies’ contributions? We were seeking a creative outlet and a solution to this dilemma when I stumbled across my first soap recipe. All it took was one batch yielding the purest, freshest goat milk soap and we were hooked.

The fire grew bigger and bigger and two years later we offer a full line of soaps, lotions and products for the home. From our soy wax melts, to our goat milk soaps, these artisan creations are all hand crafted with love and care. Our products are made from only the purest ingredients and free from harsh chemicals and dyes.

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