Tell me about your ingredients

Serenity Acres Vass always uses the highest quality ingredients, we are GMO and cruelty free.
Every bar starts with the goodness of fresh Goat milk from our own herd of (rather spoiled) goats. They spend most of their time grazing all around our property and produce the creamiest and richest milk, packed with nutrients that are so good for your skin.

We also use a high percentage olive oil, which is deeply moisturizing and nourishing.
Our next ingredient, coconut oil, helps produce big, copious bubbles and helps cleanse. 
And last we add a small amount of castor oil. 
Castor Oil helps produce a stable and lasting lather,  while also adding moisturizing qualities to the soap.

Of course if we were just to mix the milk with those oils, we would be getting a sloppy mess and nothing close to resembling soap. So we need a mediator to bind those ingredients, and that's where Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye comes in.

We carefully measure out the exact amount it takes to take all these yummy ingredients through the saponification process. This reaction breaks down the oils or fats into fatty acid chains, the Lye is neutralized in the process, meaning there is absolutely none left in the finished soap. 
To scent our soaps we use a combination of Essential Oils and phthalate free, vegan Fragrance Oils. And to add some color to it we use ethically sourced, cosmetic grade micas.


Why does Soap need to cure?

Technically our soaps are safe to use on your skin 24 hours after making. But that bar would dissolve into a slimy mess very quickly. It takes at least 4-6 weeks until the soap is properly dried up and longer lasting. And to really get the most out of your soap, make sure you give it a chance to dry up in between uses by storing it in a well  draining soap dish.

My favorite scent is sold out!
I try my best to always keep a good amount in stock, but sometimes a scent is so popular that it sells out before the next batch is properly cured and ready to be sold. 
Keep checking back for it or send me a message to find out, when a certain fragrance will be available for sale again. 
And if you  find a scent you absolutely love, it is probably a good idea to grab two bars at a time :)
Questions? Suggestions? Something you would like to see me make? Send us an email at